Want to grow your Instagram account?

Some users buy Instagram followers and likes. But what are the risks and is it worth the potential return?

In this post, we will look at the pros and cons of buying Instagram followers and likes.

What does Instagram say about buying followers and likes?

Before we talk about the reasons why people buy Instagram followers and likes, let's see what Instagram has to say about it.In its Community Guidelines, Instagram states:Encourage meaningful and genuine interactions. Help us stay spam-free by not artificially collecting likes, followers or shares, posting repeated comments or content, or repeatedly contacting people for commercial purposes without their consent.

Don't offer money or gifts in exchange for likes, followers, comments or other engagement.

Do not post content that engages in, promotes, encourages, facilitates or condones the offering, solicitation or trading of false and misleading user reviews or ratings.”

What can happen if you violate Instagram's community guidelines?

In short, Instagram can remove you and your content from Instagram and Facebook in accordance with their Terms.“We may remove any content or information you share on the Service if we believe it violates these Terms of Use, our policies (including our Instagram Community Guidelines), or is permitted or required by law.

We may immediately refuse or stop providing all or part of the Service to you (including terminating or disabling your access to Facebook and Facebook Products) to protect our community or services, or if you create a risk or legal risk to us. , you are in violation of these Terms of Use or our policies (including our Instagram Community Guidelines) if you repeatedly infringe other people's intellectual property rights or where we are permitted or required to do so by law.”

What happens when you buy followers [Experiments]

The results of buying Instagram followers and likes are what you would expect.In the first experiment, the marketing agency Mediakix created two "influencer" accounts using a photo shoot with a model and a photo.

They continued to buy followers for both accounts but did not engage paid followers with the accounts. So the agency also had to buy engagement (likes and comments).

Result? Two "active and engaged" influencer accounts.

In the second experiment, AdEspresso created an Instagram account with a store. They continued to grow their following the natural way – by posting engaging content using relevant hashtags.

They then stopped their organic activities on Instagram and switched to buying followers.

After completing the experiment, they compared the number of followers, engagement and sales from their organic Instagram activity and paid followers. Both methods helped to increase followers on Instagram account.

When looking at engagement, organic activity produced twice as many likes and comments as their paid followers. Organic activity also led to sales through the store, which paid followers did not.


Among these experiments, we can conclude that numbers can be inflated. But real engagement and conversions can't.

Benefits of buying Instagram followers and likes

On the surface level, the numbers are impressive.

Let's say someone searches for a comedian on Instagram and sees two accounts. One comedian has just over 200 followers and the other over 200,000 followers.

Without further investigation, one would assume that the second comedian attracted a larger audience because he is funnier than the first.

The same goes for engagement. If you were to scroll through an infographic with hundreds of likes and dozens of comments, you might stop to see why it is so popular.

There are other good reasons to buy Instagram followers and likes.

If you purchase engagement (likes and comments) for a new post, it may appear in the Explore tab for relevant Instagram users.

It could also increase the chances of your post becoming the top hashtag post that a lot of people follow.

Both would help you get your Instagram content in front of a new audience. The Explore tab even puts a follow link next to your profile so new people can follow you.

So buying engagement for a great post with the right hashtags could also lead to an increase in organic followers.

The benefit used to be the Swipe Up feature in Stories, which allows you to add links. It was only available to Instagram users who were verified or had 10,000 followers for their business account.

But now everyone can share links in Stories.

Where to buy Instagram followers and likes

Below are examples of sites where you can buy Instagram followers and likes. Please note that we do not endorse or support these sites; they are just a sample of what you will find when you search for paid followers and likes on Instagram.

If you're interested in experimenting for yourself, here are a few places to compare.

Important: Keep your account safe. If you're buying followers and likes, buy from companies that don't need your login or password. You should be able to enter your profile username or link to your post and the service should be able to send followers and likes.